Warm-up: the image of a word A2


It is a splendid exercise of the lexical field (in the case of A1 and A2.1 it is worth to introduce the vocabulary in advance, e.g. write the group’s proposals on a blackboard)

It consolidates the group, creates a community.

Improves voice emission and expression.

It makes the reality more poetic.


The participants create a circle, they face outwards. The leader proposes a word (depending on the subject, e.g. gender violence, drugs, discrimination, global warming or love and respect).

The participants turn to the inside of the circle. They, then, show a face expression which in their opinion illustrates the word.

With no change of the face expressions, the students approach other students with similar face expressions.

On a leader’s signal, the participant voices a word or a sentence, which represents the concerned word. He or she can add a gesture, too.

The leader quickly touches many students (the signal). This creates a poetic chorus - an alive image of the word.

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