Warm-up: cabs and vampires A1

Blind taxi cab A1


It revises directions, verbs of movement, the imperative.

It builds trust in the group.


In pairs. One person has closed eyes, the second one leads him or her around the room (turn right or left, turn around, go back, slow down, etc.). However, they do not touch each other.

The vampire from Amsterdam A1


The participants go around the room with their eyes closed. They take all the space there is. They avoid each other. The leader catches one participant’s throat. Hence, he or she becomes a vampire and shouts (e.g. “I am a vampire. I want some fresh blood”.) The vampire catches other people’s throats, and the number of vampires increase. Howver, when to vampires meet, they become humans again and shout with relief.


Becoming a vampire can often be a greater relief: becoming an oppressor and giving up is better than fear of a potential victim.

Paradoxically, the exercise encourages fighting. It shows that to liberate, one needs to be confident.

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