Introduction to the forum theatre – in pairs


This exercise shows the problem victim v. oppressor.

It shows how body language can be tool or a marker of inequality or violence.

It makes one aware of how we unconsciously express ourselves through face expressions or body language.

It enables to relate to own experience (there is no place for jokes as the experiences can be serious).

It is related with empathy and feelings.

It can be carried out in silence.

But it can also be done with speaking (great to revise parts of the body, verbs of movement or the imperative).


In pairs. The first person “sculpts” their oppressor. He or she does not explain who he or she is or has done. Next, the person becomes a victim (scene one). Change – scene two. Very slowly, as if they were dancing, the oppressor becomes the victim, and the victim becomes the oppressor of the first, and then, second scene. In the end, both people find a balance: the position in which they feel comfortable and equal.

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