Intro - the building of a narrative scenery

Before the leader of the exercise proposes the image (ie. Arranges the participants) or the topic (the students create the images by themselves), they can use words to, together with the participants, build the tone and the design of the setting, evoking and using their creativity to transform the classroom.

The goal:

- Practice in asking questions

- Practice in describing environments

- Practicing vocabulary connected to sensory perception

The run-through

The possibilities for the leader (be it a teacher or a student) are nearly endless; Shown below is a sample narrative:

“This story happened somewhere in the Latin America, from what I recall it was ….. (here other participants provide the information, with the leader using gestures to invite them to do so).

The city was……. .

On that day, the house was….. .

The patio in front of the house was…….. .

On this particular day, the weather was…….. .

One could feel the ……… .

Those present there could hear …….. .

In the distance….. .

Near the house….. .

On the other side of the gate …….. .

Driving on the street, there was a …… . If somebody proposes an answer, eg. Ice cream salesman, then the leader can use it for further narration, eg. Driving on the street, there was an ice cream salesman, who on that day has sold many scoops of ……… . Katherine, you bought the ice cream ……. . How many scoops? ……..

It was on that day, I think it was ………, in summer? No, it was ………. .

I was standing on the patio.

And then I saw …. (the described image appears).

* The idea described above does not belong to the repertoire of Forum Theatre, which places its emphasis mainly on polysemicity and universality; I borrowed it from the KAVA THEATER from Budapest, https://kavaszinhaz.hu/newspectator/, due to its exceptional usefulness and relevance to didactic priorities (in learning foreign languages)

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