- Stimulates body, enables to arise in space, teaches voice emission

- Sensitizes to para-verbal language ( gesture, facial expressions illustrate words )

- Learning through experience, emotional engagement in the problem considered, vivid discussion

- Self-development: increased social competence, empathy, bravery, social responsibility

- Stimulates self-expression

At every stage actors can spontaneously inspirit image with the word. Considering the emotional load, intimate atmosphere and complementary characteristics of word and gesture, participants overcome language “fear”, despite lack of language fluency, they feel understood , they express in authentic, and therefore satisfying manner.

The theatre’s framework is violence, injustice, harm that the victim is aware of.

Here are some supportive questions for creating an image ( worth noting on the blackboard):

What do you desire? You have a right to desire this.

Who limits you from achieving it? He doesn’t have a right to do so.

Why does he forbid it? How?

When the performance is strong, vivid, even overdrawn, the depiction would mobilize the spectators ( it’s a theatre! It is easy to intensify scenes using music!).

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