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we focuse on hot topics, working out a difficult yet necessary modus vivendi with “the other”.  We promote peaceful and respectful dialogue despite of language, cultural, social or geographical barriers.

​W want to draw attention to the mechanisms of marginalization on its psychological, social and intercultural level. We want to develop skills to fight social exclusion in a novel and effective way which appeals to young people.

we believe that hot topics must be adressed at schools.

All This (and much more) may be achieved by Forum Theatre – a theatrical debate which forms a part of Augusto Boala’s socially engaged Theatre of The Oppressed.

The Theatre of the Oppressed, through the dispositive it implements (exercises, stage, the role of the Spect-Actors…) creates a propre environment to envourage individuals to act here and now, and to use spontaneity and creation to look for new alternatives to the situations considered as blocked, conflictual or difficult. It enables to stage difficult situations with the aim to transform them.

The interactive theatre is a tool to understand the world and its structures; a tool for change that enables to analyze approaches and situations, to imagine and prepare a transformative action in a principle of cooperation, unveiling conflicts and their stakes to make them evolve. For Augusto Boal, the basic principle is: «  the liberation of the oppressed through the transformation of the spectatorinto a protagonist, from object to subject.  ».

Forum Theatre is different from the traditional theatre – each spectacle is played a few times while audience goes up the stage in order to replace the actors and investigate alternative scenarios. it evokes objection against oppression, allows to analyse its causes and results, thus mobilizing search for realistic solutions.

A. Boal liked to repeat that forum may be performer everywhere, even in a theatre. Everyone can act, even the actors. Neither acting talent nor experience with theatre are necessary. There is no role to learn, no script to be written. Therefore, forum theatre has nothing to do with time consuming preparation of school performances. There are no decorations, no costumes. A chair, maybe a table are enough.

Why isn't it used in schools? It's high time!

Thanks to erasmus+ grant teachers from 4 countries could test these techniques with maestro JEAN PIERRE BESNARD – French theatre pedagogue with over 20 years of experience - then adapt the method to educational framework and school needs.

The theater forum at school handbook is addressed to teachers of foreign languages, citizenship education, history as well as to counsellors and educators. The proposed exercises can be used during lessons or workshops.

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In a stark difference from traditional drama performances, in the FORUM THEATRE the audience simultaneously serves as an actor, ie. Can influence the flow of the story by direct intervention and inter

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